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From death to a glorious life, nothing is impossible

it's time to set yourself free....


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A 70-90min core belief reset that changes your life for ever. You will release negative thinking instantly, your focus will change and your outlook will be different.


The "trauma" of birth & the "fear of death" are two powerful aspects of human existence. Life Bonding balance reprograms any limiting impact of these influences on our lives.


The relationship balance identifies specific blockages in the relationship between two individuals and transforms these.


This sophisticated therapy releases experienced trauma almost instantly from the subconscious mind. Successfully used across the globe, the therapy has been thoroughly tried and tested for numerous causes of trauma and it produces excellent results every time.


A beautiful programme that re-establishes the synergy between Body, Mind & Soul. This online programme incorporates 28 daily challenges to help you establish better communication and understanding with & of your body. Secrets held within your body are accessed through the daily messages and it helps you to make changes that will allow you to live a more fulfilled life in synergy with your body & mind. This programme has helped a lot of women, hundreds of them in fact, and all of them testify on h.


When two separate entities enter a relationship it is easy for one or the other, or maybe both, to be come absorb in the concept of the relationship that they lose connection with themselves or their partner. This 4 week programme helps to re-establish individual connection and to build a strong foundation for the future. If you & your partner want a deeper more fulfilling relationship with each other then this is the programme for you. Over the four weeks each couple will complete weekly tasks..

Do you remember why you are here?

Speaker & Inspirationalist

Elana is an experienced inspirational public speaker and one of her most popular topics is “Woman, WHO are you?

“I must say that your talk inspired me a lot and in such a way that I feel more women need to hear it. Our organisation would love for you to speak at our next conference.”  – Nondumiso May 2022

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Your life is a dream and it is your dream alone, so dream without fear. Dream without holding back, you may just surprise yourself with the life you co-create.

Elana Swart-Traut